Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Catch up!

I have a lot to catch up on! From Rosemont (Georgia) being here and the 412 we had at VBS, to a week off in between, to now Clanton (Alabama) being here doing a discipline workshop and various other projects, it's been busy!

Look at this adorable picture I found of our Lulu Bug!

Our kids SO enjoy the team campfires! (Cold season here - it was 45 this morning!)

A great picture of our twins!

Mrs. Barbara from Rosemont spent all her time holding our babies!

Charles at VBS - love this boy!

We even sent some Rosemont team members to the grocery store to help with the weekly shopping trip!

Anna Beth painted this mini-mural in our dining hall!

Sweet little Joy - 3 weeks and 2 days old!

A highlight of every trip - tank stand climbs!

Love those smiles! This was our 6th VBS, so the village kids know a little of what to expect!

Wendy helping out at the school

They redid our sponsor board - looks amazing!

And then on to our Clanton team...a little Kids Club basketball!

Beef jerky for Caedmon!

Science experiment fun in the afternoons - building a bridge!

Mrs. Charlotte worked with the kids on the Evangecube!

Fun fact - Mrs. Charlotte's husband, Burks, came on a trip to New Day 6 years ago! A lot has changed since then!

Christy working in our dreaded wonderful clothes container!

Building church "pews!"

Gum for Cambree!

Hudson helping out with the Science projects

Kids Club - Christy did a great job!

Nurse Mandy is back!! Helping out with homework time!

Cason loves him some Mr. Goodbars!

Steve has been doing it all - from installing a battery, to Choma grocery shopping, to building church pews!

Trish washing clothes - Steve & Trish have been to New Day tons of times and have done a wide variety of things!

A gorgeous June sunset!

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