Monday, February 27, 2017

Goodbye to Jacey!

We said goodbye to our sweet Jacey on Sunday! This 19 year old came ALONE just 3 months after graduating from high school to serve selflessly for 6 months at New Day! In these 6 months, she led a Nursery Class for our little ones, taught Kindergarten, decorated birthday cakes, went out into villages, visited different churches, helped with 6 volunteer teams, made countless trips to the clinic with our little ones, taught Sunday School with 70 kids numerous times, got malaria, ate loads of nshima, dried thousands of plates, carried babies on her back for hours, led a weekly music class with 12 kids under the age of 7, worked out with us every morning at 5:30am, and became a really great friend. Most importantly, she showed the kids at New Day what it means to follow Christ no matter where He calls you. We love you and we will miss you Jacey!

Cindy, Edna, and Gertrude

Edna's toothy grin!

Three Men and a Lady

Jacey & David

Jacey spent tons of time with Justin & Emma


Jacey & Laston (formerly Raston, now known as Laston, per his birth records!)

That smile!

Luumuno the Turkey

We'll miss you!

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