Sunday, February 12, 2017

A Little Randomness...

Blu dumped his pictures from his phone on the computer, and I found a few beauties that I thought you might enjoy!

Daddy & my sweet girl!

Uncle Blu & Edna

Lulu helping Uncle Blu make a new hat!

Wow. Just wow.

Love that he captured this parking lot hug/wrestle!

Sometimes you just have to limbo...

My tomgirl!


Fun at Kids Club!

Cason loves being in the trees!

Dad is ready for the wild dogs...

The older girls help cook chicken & chips every Friday night!

Our new watering station at Kids Club - priceless!

These caterpillars on the bottoms of all the trees make my skin crawl!

We have a great week ahead of Valentine's Day (a surprise feast for my family!), February Birthday Party, and a Teacher's Workshop Day (no school!), ending with a Friday shopping/lunch date in Choma with my man! Have a great week!

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