Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Our Epic Valentine's Day!

We had an epic Valentine's Day celebration last night! On February 1st, I started leaving a heart on the door of each of my kids' rooms every day for them to find that gave one reason why I love them. (Thank you pinterest for this idea!) The kids LOVED it way more than I thought they would, and they ran to their rooms every day after school to find their heart! A few days ago, I attached personalized invitations to a formal Valentine's feast for Valentine's night. They were all so excited! (I was grateful I had a chance to go to Lusaka in late January to get my feast groceries, or it'd be slim pickings from Choma!)

We hung this sign on the door...Not to complain (ok, maybe a little), but people are knocking on our door from about 6am to 8pm or later almost every single night. This sign deterred them for 2 hours!

At 5pm, everyone started getting dressed and arriving! Samosas were waiting for them on the table as appetizers!

They clean up nice!

Cason's face!

We're cute. :)


Caedmon arrives!

Mama's boy!

Cambree looked gorgeous!

Daddy's girl!

We like to dress up!

Cason arrived first! (And ate the most samosas!)

He's a mess!

We set the table with china, roses from our yard, and the kids' Valentine's gifts!

We had Beef Wellington, Marscapone whipped potatoes, steamed green beans, and red velvet parfaits!

We spent the evening listening to 90s country and dancing!

We poured sweat, but it was such a fun night! My family were great sports dressing fancy and eating "fancy" food! This picture is from our first Valentine's Day - 1999 in Lake Brownwood! Who would have thought that 18 years later, we'd be celebrating in Zambia with our 3 kids?!

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