Monday, March 6, 2017

Around Here...

We. have. rats. Well, we had one anyway. We (Blu) finally got him!

Some playground shots - pretty Christina!

Aaaahhh how can our Cynthia be 14 already...

Emma cheesin!

Emmanuel the Mess


It's nap time!

Edna and Emma cuddling!

Blu & I enjoyed a nice weekend in Livingstone! We read books, watched tv (Blacklist), watched a movie (Hidden Figures), and ate a LOT of food (fish...Indian...gelato). It was a great chance to escape for a weekend and enjoy some air conditioning and each other, while Mom & Dad kept the kids! We're so grateful! Full calendar ahead - Women's Day, Youth Day, team arriving and doing Staff Retreat, and the possible arrival of 5 year old twins! Have a great week!

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