Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A little update for your Wednesday!

The pictures on my desktop are finally driving me crazy - that means it's time to blog so I can move them! Busy here as usual as we finish up school, but sitting here drinking a Spark and listening to KSBJ online and enjoying this gorgeous Spring-type weather we've been having!

Cambree's business is going well...but slow! Her first order was for 15 Bible covers, so she is getting those done! Here is Joseph's, complete with a bookmark!

Cambree and Laston (who is SUCH a mess!!! He is the New Day entertainment lately, for sure!)

These two...

We are 4 months out from furlough...and we pretty much talk about American food constantly these days.. So I made some homemade Chick-Fil-A! It was amazing! (Who knew the secret is a milk/pickle marinade?!)

Our newest, Chipego. This boy is so handsome and VERY smart!

A new dog at Happy Hollow - meet Danu (Day-new)

Love these cutie pies!

This week started the last week of school for this term! We get out Friday and don't go back until May 8th! Here is a look at last week of school happenings!

My kids working on their Math lesson, while I catch up on some reading for my Guided Reading class!

6th grade Language Arts (minus Cambree!)

Teacher Hildah is an amazing head teacher!

The kids! (Pre-K wears yellow, Kinder and up in red!)

Teacher Melvin's crew!

Teacher Mike and his class

Mama Dee leading Monday's teacher devotion!

The New Day Teachers!

Teacher Zali

I have next term's bulletin board all ready to go!

The 3rd Grade Science class finished making their habitats complete with predators/prey

God sent the class a REAL LIVE tortoise to create a habitat for - they named him Raphael!


Cambree made me & Mom some invitations last week for a fancy tea party! This girl loves to host!

I have to say, I LOVE my tea set from Beijing!

And that's a wrap on this school term! Our April break will consist of (God willing) a family camping trip, our annual field trip, and the Prosthetics Team before school starts again on May 8th!

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