Saturday, March 18, 2017

Wagoner, OK Team and more!

It has been a busy week with our Spring Break team from Wagoner, OK here with us! Here is a look at what's been going on!

Uncle Blu & David at Kids Club

Blu was like the Pied Piper last week with this crew following him around!

Now that's having your hands full!

Blu sends me these random pictures while I'm teaching school...

Some of our little ones in a tree!

I promise we're not about to fall asleep in church... ;) Luyando was there to keep us awake!

A closeup of sweet Emma!

And her twin Justin!

This girl is a mess!

She's getting so big!

Love Malilwe's beautiful smile!

Our new bus has arrived!!! It will be PERFECT once the air conditioner is installed!

Only 2 weeks of school left! Cynthia & Muchoni working on a file folder game!

Cason is a budding future electrician like his Paw.. :)

We have had some pretty weather, so Mama Dee took her 3rd grade Science class outside to learn about ecosystems and organisms!

And of course, we had to have green eggs & ham for St. Patrick's Day!

One of the biggest things our team has done is lead a Staff Retreat! Pastor Mark led and Courtlyn led music, while the rest of the team took care of all the teams! It was a great retreat!

Courtlyn leading worship

A cup stacking game!

Mama Lala and Mama Tembo

A massive game of Concentration with New Day faces!

Our usual team cook, Esther, couldn't cook for the team, so we all pitched in to cook! The team was blessed with Blu's famous cinnamon rolls!

All of this fun wears Laston out!

Last year, Michael came and spent hours reading Dora books to Lulu - this year, Lulu helped Nurse Carol make a special welcome for Michael! :)

Lulu was happy to see him!

And...this is what happens when I leave Blu & Cambree home alone at the computer... :)

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