Monday, January 30, 2017

Lusaka Family Fun!

So I might have mentioned last week that this Lusaka trip would be the first time as just a family of 5 in about a year...well, I was wrong! How could I have forgotten our camping nightmare (ahem, trip) last August??!!! Regardless, we had an awesome time in Lusaka together!

We do love some family time together and do family devotions almost every night of the week, with the kids (and us) taking turns leading! Caedmon was VERY prepared for this devotion about how what you say causes a chain reaction!

We play a LOT of games in our family... I did NOT enjoy playing the Game of Life! #ilost #dumbgame #everyonemakesmoremoneythanme

Poor Cambree worked on her research paper while we played!

So, in no particular order, here at the pics from our 3 day trip to Lusaka! (roughly 5 hours away by truck).

Nutella pancakes at The Cake Bar? Yes please.

And a Nutella Latte for Mama!

Panini...I love food.

The main 2 purposes for our trip was to go to the dentist for our annual teeth cleanings and to buy a ping pong table for our family room! Both were successes! (even though we got to the dentist an hour early due to NO traffic - the boys played football and climbed trees!)

That afternoon, we decided to swing by Dream Valley and see if the waterpark was crowded. We were the ONLY ones there!!!

The kids had a blast for 2 1/2 hours!

We went on Saturday as well for about 2 hours...we had to share the park with 6 other people...#lifeishard

A Saturday morning family game of Nerts - Mama wins again!

Mugg & Bean for Saturday breakfast - potato and leek skillet!

And some Mexican food at Mochachos!

Love laughing with our kids!

We stayed at the Baptist Mission - our neat freak Caedmon always keeps his face very organized!!

The kids spent tons of time climbing trees and stealing guavas! (in her dress shoes and dress...)

We saw a Saturday morning movie - Robinson Crusoe!

This boy needs some culture - when he saw this trailer he said, "Wow! Look at that oxcart!!"

On Friday night we went to Spur to eat with Debbie, who was also in town!

The best meal so far...steak with wild rice and onion rings... :)

We passed this sign several times - 'Merica!

On Sunday morning we went BACK to The Cake Bar for breakfast and some groceries before heading back home! (Another yummy egg and veggie skillet!)

Unfortunately, we came home to a 24 hour power outage, so it was a little crazy trying to get things unpacked, organized, not lose meat we just bought, and get laundry done! But we are well into our Monday now and the power is back on! Headed to ladies' prayer time, a yummy supper in the works, and a night of teaching the kids how to play Ping Pong! Have a great week!

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