Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Wednesday = 7 years!

First of all, if you struggle with JOY *insert mirror here*, you need to go check out Laurie's blog today here! Seriously. Go.

Well, today is 7 years. 7 years since we stepped off a plane in Lusaka, Zambia with a 4 year old, 3 year old, and 1 year old, ready to conquer the task God had set before us of beginning New Day Orphanage.

That first international airplane ride.. (Well, Caedmon & Cason's second!)

Traveling with a 1 year old for 26 hours...

A few days later, we stepped foot onto the New Day land for the first time...and saw this. All around us. It looked like this. (My eyes were SO big! #whathavewedone)

Today marks 7 years at New Day and 9 years in Zambia. I never imagined that we would be in Africa this long and that our lives would look like this! Some (many) days are hard, many days are joyful, and God has been with us every step of the way! HE gets all the glory for New Day Orphanage! If you have been here, you know that what has happened in the last seven years is impossible by man's hands alone! The Lord has done great things for us and we are filled with joy!

Ben helping to clean the dining hall after Kids Club

Blu brought me "just because" roses from Choma yesterday! (He said they were only $2. And they died the next day. It's the thought that counts!)

Have I mentioned it's the rainy season??

After being stuck on the other side of the river for an extra day, I think Dad was excited to be home!

Cason loves his Sunday afternoon Discipleship class with Mama Lala!

Machila & Emma

We had the opportunity to stream the Inauguration and watch it with the kids!

Standing for the National Anthem

Mama Lala & Luyando

Getting so big!

Malilwe showing off some new hair accessories!

Nurse Carol has been doing some nursing and a LOT of Pre-K helping!

Love our little Emmanuel! He is VERY smart and is doing great in Pre-K even though he's still about the size of a 2-3 year old!

Justin hanging out in Mama Lala's classroom!

Poor Raston has 16 sisters and inevitably got his nails painted!

Papa Wes back in his element, getting to know Raston!

Our family is SO excited tomorrow to head to Lusaka for our annual family trip to the dentist + our favorite restaurants + swimming + a movie! (Remember this trip??!!) We realized it had been almost ONE YEAR since our family has gone on ANY trip together, just the 5 of us! We spend a lot of quality time together (playing outside or games almost every night of the week), but we haven't been AWAY together in a very long time, and we're so excited! See you Monday!

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