Friday, January 20, 2017

Love Me Some Fridays!

Week #2 of the school year is done! I have a glorious weekend ahead of me consisting of..not much! Finishing laundry, watching the Inauguration, sleeping in, Kids Club, church, and English worship!

This boy has turned into a little bookworm! He is found first thing every morning on the couch - almost done with the first Harry Potter!

The 3 staff girls walking home from school! (Cambree, Machila, Laurie)

Mom made this adorable ruffled skirt and headband from a chitengi!

No caption needed... but my man can make some pancakes!

On Wednesday, we had our January Birthday Party - fun fun!

David will be 6 on January 31st!

Joseph will be 10 on January 25th!

Wes trying to teach Joseph how to be excited for his party!

Laurie turned 11 back on December 9th!

Mama Liz turned 35 on January 2nd!

Mama Yolantah turned 39 on December 28th!

It was an unusually cold and drizzly day for water pouring, but we poured anyway!

A quick lunchtime nap!

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