Monday, January 2, 2017

It's 2017!

I'm so excited it's a new year! This year, we hope to get at least 10 more kids at New Day, a new housemother, start a new school year, it's our furlough year, Caedmon will start Junior High football and Cambree will be a Junior High cheerleader, and we have four...yes FOUR! planned. It's gonna be a great year! ;)
After serving 324 kids at Kids Club on Saturday, we headed to the garage for our New Year's Eve party! It was planned in large part by the Celebration team, and we all had a blast!

Some of the littles fell asleep early, but they all woke up for the fireworks!

The Adult Freeze Dance!

Axer and Baby Luyando

We rigged up some glow sticks to do our own ball drop!

Bean Bag Toss!

And of course some two-stepping! #texasforever

Cason and Muchoni relaxing!

Cason made it until 11:45pm!!!

Emma dancing!

Diana bought some great fireworks, and most of the kids LOVED them! (Except for Terry...he did NOT like them!)

Our staffers had a hard time making it until midnight!

Jacey and Stanley

A line dance the team taught the kids!

Mom & Dad only made it until 9:30!

Sam and others on the team designed the 2017 mural!

Some of the older girls

Us! :)

Emma took a nap during the middle of the party but woke up for the end!

Glow Tic-Tac-Toe!

After awhile, we brought the trampoline over and the housemothers had a great time!

The guys hanging out away from all the chaos!

The limbo game is always my favorite part!

Mulenga is amazing, but he was dethroned!

Mama Zelly was hilarious!

Caedmon & Kefbert tied for the kids' competition!

Emma and Justin were hilarious and would walk under sticking their bellies out!

Kefbert was like a pretzel!

Sisi was pretty flexible too for being the tallest!

It was a great party! Here is a little more of what the team has been up to!

Uncle Blu & Stanley

Cambree & Raston

They built some gorgeous bookshelves for the school!

A great picture of our twins!

Running to do a craft!

Playground time!

Tie dye shirts!

My Caedmon :)

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