Monday, January 16, 2017

Not much happening!

Teams are gone, school has started, and it has been POURING!! That sums up our life lately!

I love to travel, but I know even more than those big trips, my kids will have sweet memories of all of our family game nights! In the last week alone, we've played Monopoly Deal, Exploding Kittens, Risk, Settlers of Catan, Blackjack, and Battle of the Sexes!

Of course, we're also getting football practice in whenever we can! (and it's not raining!!)

Check out that new watering station at Kids Club - no more drinking cups needed!

Sometimes you just want to go to the bathroom in peace... #itdidnthappen

I made homemade bagels...and ate 4..

Caedmon has Science with Grandpa 3 days a week - learning about velocity!

Saturday morning hanging out on the porch of Happy Hollow!

Kelitah went to the doc in Choma last week - she's a beauty!

Did I mention it's been raining?!

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