Friday, September 2, 2016

The South Carolina Team + A Little Chaos

Oh, ya know, life has just been dull and boring around New Day...said no one, ever. :)

Blu & I did the True Love Waits presentation at his Monday Bible study last week.

And when there's nothing else to do, we sit around and have family pull-up competitions... :)

Cambree always tries to find a sleeping partner so she doesn't have to sleep her face mask.

My sweetheart :)

You know the Prosthetics team is about to arrive when you see Blu talking to random leg-less and eye-less people in town! Can't wait to see this young man, Obedient, get a new leg and start walking!

The "Sausage Tree" at New Day - love that it's the first thing that blooms each year!

I have spent every free second working in the library on a new database using an iPhone app

Getting ready for the South Carolina team to arrive - Emma wanted to clap and sing to greet them, but that was a good piece of chicken!

We got the team settled and with a list of instructions/projects, and then we headed to Lusaka for 2 nights to pick up my parents, pick up passports/visas at Embassies, get Prosthetic products they had shipped for their work, and buy/collect razor wire to put around all of our new solar equipment!

We had to sneak in a meal at Rhapsody's while we were there...but the work never ends. Blu was on the phone with the well drillers only to hear they had drilled a dry well at the orphanage. :(

We also went to see a movie, Jason Bourne, but Blu laid on the floor for the movie due to his 3 day long backache.

The next day, we picked up Mom & Dad and did TONS of shopping! These two can't be left alone...

That night, Blu began to get very sick. He had a terrible night and by the next morning, he had high fever, chills, nausea, severe back ache, and blood in his urine. We quickly headed to CFB Hospital (2 blocks from where we stay!) and within 5 minutes he was in a room getting his vitals taken and very soon on an iv. After an ultrasound, and blood/urine samples, it was confirmed that there was some type of infection. Negative for malaria, typhoid, and bilharzia, but some type of infection. (Although with the backache, many have told us he may have passed a kidney stone).

He is NOT the best patient! He kept pushing buttons on the iv to try to make it drip faster so he could go home! They let him go after about 7 hours with an antibiotic and strong pain meds. He will have more tests done after a week on the antibiotics.

So meanwhile, we had to spend another night in Lusaka, with the team back at New Day! They were amazing though, and got TONS of stuff done - huge servants on this team from Saluda, SC!

Mattie, who is an en pointe ballerina (no idea if I said that right!!) led the girls in 2 ballet classes!

Melissa & Stephanie took on the hugely overwhelming task of sorting all the new clothes & shoes that were donated into our clothes container!

Emily spending some cuddle time with Christina

Rob & Nathan even worked on the tractor!

Heading on the bikes down to play with kids!

Three sweet girls and Ms. Esther!

Mattie, Belle, and Emily taught Children's Sunday School on Sunday

Nathan & Robert spent most of their time working on water - they installed our new solar water pump that is working beautifully, built a solar panel stand and installed solar panels, put interior doors on the Prosthetic Clinic, helped with Prosthetic screenings when we couldn't be there, helped with weekly orphanage grocery shopping, etc, etc, etc!

The ladies also started painting in the new orphan house!

The water station at Kids Club

Lots of quality time with Esther!

Praying the well drilling crew will find water when they try again on Tuesday to drill! (This is a secondary well - our original well is having trouble recovering quickly enough to get everyone the water we need. With adding a Prosthetic clinic and a new orphan house, we have decided to drill a second well so that we have one well running on our submersible pump and one well running on the solar pump.)

We got back at 1:30pm on Wednesday, and left Thursday morning for Livingstone with the team. So thankful for Mom & Dad being back to help share the load! We left Dad with payroll and tons more and Mom with all the laundry in The Ark along with getting ready for school Monday!

We decided to take our friend Protashow (who, when Blu asked him a few months ago to get his bus license and get a passport, did so immediately!) to help drive and to train him to do the volunteer trips to Livingstone. This would be something that would help us hugely in the future! Little did we know, Protashow went to high school in Livingstone and is very familiar with the town. He took the team to the Falls and on the full day safari in Botswana, giving Blu a chance to rest!

Me & my braided girl..

I might have called a lady to come and give me a pedicure while sitting at the lodge all afternoon...

We saw the partial solar eclipse! Here is a glimpse of it shining down through a hole in the roof!

An appetizer of Mopani worms

Team lunch at Olga's Italian Restaurant!

On Saturday, we will drop the team off at the airport and go and buy all the groceries for Prosthetics/Solar/Jacey who arrive on Monday! School starts Monday which means routine, routine, routine for this Tidwell family!

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