Saturday, September 17, 2016

Prosthetics 2016

And that's a wrap! Prosthetics 2016 has completed another trip to New Day! There is so much that goes into the 2 week trip, but here is a small glimpse of some of the work that was done!

Me & Blu hanging in the clinic on a hot afternoon off!

This is pretty much the look Blu has had on his face since June 23rd...

Everyone loved Chelle, our first Australian volunteer!

The huge tree right outside the clinic

To give you an idea of the group of people waiting outside the clinic to be seen...

Prosthetic eye patients - before & after!

Chelle & Suzanne with some patients

John painting veins on a prosthetic eye

This is Cason's eye patient from Olga's Restaurant in Livingstone!

Here is Sofia after getting her new eye!

Katie getting some love from Agness

They worked pretty much sunup to sundown but still made time for morning devotions at the shelter!

Luyando, the teenager who lost her leg due to a snakebite that they have made a leg for every year

A shy smile, happy to get her newly adjusted leg!

The line to get on the bus at Macha Hospital, the meeting point, to come to New Day to be seen

The mobile unit - searching for little boy Arnold in the bush! They didn't find him, but his leg was there! It was too small so Katie was able to make adjustments and will build a new leg for him in April.

Our friend "Peace Corps Jane" lives near us and works in Public Health, so she stopped by to see what was going on!

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