Saturday, September 10, 2016

Goodbye South Carolina, A Little Rest, and Hello Prosthetics!

So we had a great time taking our South Carolina team to Livingstone, while Protashow did all the work! We had a fun family day while the team was on the safari in Botswana!

Blu got some rest!

We went on an "elephant hunt" around the property as a family - lots of fun!

David Livingstone, I presume...

I thought I saw one! But it was just Cason.

Posing for pics along the way..

Walking through the dirt/sand with newly pedicured feet..

We take Settlers with us everywhere we go!

And a little pool time...

We got back on Saturday, had Kids Club and worship on Sunday, and then had a family backyard bbq to celebrate school starting back! First, haircuts though!

Dad grilled out chicken legs and sausage!

Backyard frisbee playing!


Mama Dee doing the dishes..

And then Monday, it was back to school! Mama Dee helped out by teaching Caedmon's Science class when Grandpa was gone - Periodic Table Battleship!

Wiggly Cason sitting on an exercise ball in Teacher Diana's class!

And then Monday evening, Prosthetics arrived! Blu gave them a tour of the almost-finished clinic!

And then Tuesday, we got word that another container was arriving in Choma the next morning with all the rest of the Prosthetics stuff - good timing!!

Jessica aka Big Mama arrived to get repairs on her prosthesis (and new shoes!!!)

John hard at work - he has LOTS of eyes to make!

A little African wiring....

Not only are they casting new patients, they are doing lots of repairs on old patients.

We also had Jason & Chris here setting up solar equipment - we now have solar power running the New Day refrigerator, kitchen lights, and 2 freezers! So amazing!!

It was hard to get a good picture but there were Zambians sitting ALL around the clinic waiting to be helped!

Jacey also arrived with Prosthetics! She is an 18 year old recent high school graduate who will be with us for 6 months! She has jumped right in, helping take care of kids, and helping with Prosthetics! She will have a daily Reading class with Glory & Axer.

Every afternoon she will also serve as a Homework Buddy to one of our kids.

Grandma time - Mama Dee & Cambree whipping up one of Cambree's creations called a "fluma."

Speaking of Cambree....I think I need a professional organizer to help me in Cambree's room...

At the end of a crazy week, Cason gave me a pedicure... he usually gets tired after one foot though! ;)

And...our new trampoline arrived! Blu took an evening to get it all set up and there is lots of jumping and fun going on around here!

Mom & Dad headed to Livingstone today to take the 2 solar guys back and pick up 2 more solar guys (Chad & Gil) who will set up solar in the houses and do some more pathway lights. Prosthetics has one more week of work! (and #15days until mine & Blu's vacation!!)

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