Saturday, September 17, 2016

Around New Day

So when teams leave New Day, I try to get their memory cards and get a glimpse of what life is like at New Day through their lens! Because Prosthetics/Solar was here for 2 weeks, there are TONS of pics, so I decided to divide them up into 3 groups: Life Around New Day, New Day Kids, and Prosthetics. So here's a glimpse of life around New Day through John Brinkley's eyes!

Teacher Abby looking gorgeous on the playground!

Wait, is that Blu?? I'm having trouble seeing him!

Jamming out!

Taking a break at Kids Club!

Teacher Carolyn

Church at New Day Baptist Church

The drummers

I love this pic John got of my classroom - this is where I spend a lot of my time!

Gil working on a shelf for solar equipment in the Luyando House

A random guy on the side of the road checking out his iPad...

Jacey, our intern here for 6 months, with Agness

Spicy Uno in the Ark!

Not sure what's happening here, but me & Jacey look like we are planning to take over the world!

Jacey & Stanley

Her main job is to teach Stanley & Emmanuel and get them ready for PreK in January!

Kalenga is around more now that he is working as my parents' yard worker! Please continue to pray for him!

Mama Liz getting some internet at the school porch

Maxwell has been around working on building fences.

My favorite place.. :)

The New Day sign

Our "Sausage Tree"

Chris & Jason working on solar installation in the New Day kitchen

A tank stand view of the clinic

Tank stand view of the school!

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