Friday, September 16, 2016

A HOT Friday at New Day!

It's a hot 95 degrees here at New Day as we are at the very beginning of our hot season! We will survive!! :) Everyone is running in a million different directions, but we had plenty of fun on this hot Friday!

My sweet Caedmon...

Chad & Emmanuel

And Justin...our kids love Chad!

I spy the Pied Piper! (aka Papa Ron!)

Gil, who is an artist, has been a tremendous help to Chad with solar work! The kids love his drawings!

Oh ya know, just some legs lying around...

Our sweet Lulu asked Jesus into her heart last Sunday after church!

Pizza night..

John with an 8 year old patient who he made a new eye for!

Protashow spends a lot of time with the Prosthetic Team each year doing translating, driving, and other work!

This is Cason's eye patient! He saw her at a restaurant in Livingstone and said, "Daddy! I saw a lady that needs an eye!" Blu went and talked to her, gave her some transport money, and she made her way to New Day where she was able to have a new eye made for her....she was so grateful!

So power went out, but we still had lights on, thanks to Chad & Gil! Zesco = Electricity. Chadco = Solar!

Gorgeous Thursday sunset..

Suzanne has spent every day working on prosthetic legs (with her 14 year old son Cole) but has gotten to spend a little time with the kids too!

Time for a Friday Field Trip to the Prosthetic Clinic during Computer class to find out how computers are used to make prostheses!

Not sure what to even caption this pic...

The kids love "Mr. John Brinkley!" :)

Katie getting very little breathing room as she sews on a leg strap!

We got there just in time to see this patient walk on his new leg!

And then, in the dead heat of the afternoon, it was time for our monthly birthday party!!

Agness turned 5 on September 7th!

Blue cupcakes with blue icing for Uncle Blu who will turn 35 on September 27th!

Blu had a sore throat, so he requested some help blowing out his candles to avoid blowing germs everywhere!

MUCH needed new (blue) shoes...

Emma LOVED her some blue cake!

Gertrude turned 9 on September 14th!

Misheck turned 11 on September 15th!

Staci's birthday was July 6th, but she missed the New Day Birthday, which is NOT allowed around here!!

Water time! Agness is tiny, but she took off running as fast as she could!

Everyone had eyes for Uncle Blu though...

Uncle Blu & Gertrude getting soaked by Mama Liz!

Group photo op!

Run Misheck!!

Blu "helping" Staci!

Staci decided she is moving her birthday permanently to September due to the hot weather - perfect for water pouring!

And that's a wrap - ready for our weekend of finishing prosthetics & solar (they leave Sunday afternoon), laundry & housecleaning, Kids Club, church, and hopefully a little rest! #9daysuntilvacation!!!

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