Saturday, September 24, 2016

Saturday Bloggin'

House is clean, last load of laundry is in, mostly packed....not much left to do except blog before we head out for our vacation tomorrow!

The kids like the pull strings as much as they like the solar lights! (ok, I admit, I like the pull strings too...)

Last weekend, we went to visit Max & Priscilla's new baby, Buumi (Life)!

This boy... ;)

I DREAD Friday Computer Class...I know they may look cute, but trust me, you put them all in the computer lab, and MASS CHAOS ensues...

This is my "Computer Class" face...

Dad hanging with Phillip

And showing off the ZamGold shirt he won at the grocery store... :)

Liz's girls at the Lukondo House

A pic from a month ago - sweet Mattie with our kids!

Mom & Dad in front of Happy Hollow!

Blu has been VERY busy lately, but he still had time to hire workers to build Cambree & Laurie a Clubhouse, and install a door for them. #superdad

Blu & Chad

Drumming during church!

And a twice daily (at least) occurrence...checking the water level in the tank stands. We have drilled FIVE dry wells in the last month...we are now just praying that our current well will begin to recover quickly and that the rains will come early and be heavy this year!!

Friday night we had a family dinner for Blu's birthday, since we'll be on vacation on his actual birthday! When thinking about the things he misses most from America, I thought of these things:

Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies & Swiss Cake Rolls

Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwiches!

Waffle fries....I might have used some type of screwdriver to poke holes in these potatoes....

He was very surprised!

Time for presents (and hugs!) from the kids!

Vacation money from his parents!

A Superman shirt & Superman vs. Batman from me! (and Blacklist Season 3 and some new shoes...which he opened early :)

Now THIS was funny...Dad & Mom got Blu a birthday card, but Dad got distracted when signing it, and he accidentally put "You're now halfway to Sunday." (He meant to say halfway to seventy.) Anyway, he decided to leave the card and see Blu's reaction - it was hilarious!!! Blu just looked at all of us confused, trying his hardest to get the joke of what "halfway to Sunday" meant!

He finally gave up and put the card aside!

We thought it was pretty funny!!

We ended our night by watching the first episode of the new season of Survivor and the guys annihilating us at 42..hey, it was late! I hope to blog from our vacation spot next week!

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