Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Our own Family Christmas

We have one day at home, so we decided to do our own family's Christmas presents!

Cambree got arrowheads for her brothers - too sweet!

Muck boots for Blu!

Cambree made him a scarf at school :)

And a new t-shirt from me :)

Starbursts from Cason!


A framed collage of his soccer pics from this Fall

Zambian soccer jersey!

Cason liked his new jersey too!

A TMNT watch!

Eno hammocks for the kids!

Hanging them up outside!

Blue Bloods for me!

A Mother/Daughter necklace :)

Cambree made me this at school!

It was so neat to spend time together as a family and to see the kids' excitement as they watched each other open the presents they had bought or made! We are blessed! :)

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