Monday, December 7, 2015

Ballet & Science Fair & Alvarado...oh my!

We had a fun weekend of rounding out our kids' furlough activities with Cambree's big Holiday Showcase recital! She has semi-loved ballet (she wanted to try it, and she didn't hate it, but she likes gymnastics/cheering more!) Here is a look at the fun!

The Saturday night cheering section, ready to go!

A little posing before the show!

There were 24 performances, and she was #19, so she had to wait her itchy costume! But she got flowers from her brothers!

She's up there somewhere!! :)

Explaining some things to Daddy..

On Sunday morning, the boys headed to FBC Alvarado with Blu so that he could share at their Missions Banquet. The boys loved getting to hang out again - an RA Camp Reunion!

Caedmon & Wyatt - best buds since 9 months old!

Meanwhile, back in Brownwood, the girls stayed behind so we could go to Cambree's afternoon recital. Her cheering section grew! Grandpa, Mama Dee, Paw, B-Maw, Aunt Caity, Andie, & AJ!

Sweet cousins!

Flowers from Andie & AJ

Cambree & Kaitlyn, a girl from Victory Life

Cambree & Mama

We have also kept busy with the Science Fair! It was grandparents to the rescue with this one, as Grandpa gave Caedmon the idea, and B-Maw helped him finish it out! His project was how to make more light using a flashlight and a water bottle! Cambree did a project too, but she did hers all by herself at B-Maw's house, so we never saw it, but we heard she made some awesome slime!

Andie got 2nd in 4th grade, Cambree got 3rd, and Caedmon got 3rd in 5th grade! Way to go!

I feel like I can breathe this week after a crazy couple of weeks..or months!!! I have 3 trunks packed for Zambia and am wrapping some things up. Not much going on this week - a few meetings and some quiet evenings at home, we hope!

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