Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas in Brownwood!

We had a super magical "Christmas" weekend in Brownwood! The only thing that would have made it better is if Cloud and his family had been there! Here is a look at what went down!

We started with a day trip to Fredericksburg for some fun & family time! Somehow, we got to ride with Shade & Caity on the way and Paw & B-Maw on the way back - no kids for us! ;)

First stop: Regency Bridge! What a great and beautiful spot for a picnic!

The Colorado River

Picnic time!

The oldest suspension bridge in Texas!

Next stop: The Willow City Loop - a 12 mile stretch through glorious land! We stopped at a creek to play! It was about 75 degrees and gorgeous!

Goofy family pictures!

Shade & AJ


Me & Caity

Girls hanging out

The kids

We probably could have gone back home after this and the kids would have been happy!

Paw, Blu, & Case

Paw & B-Maw

Shade & Caity

Bmaw & Blu

Best Cousins - Cambree & Andie

So the kids decided to sing some Christmas carols - after awhile people gathered and someone even gave them money!!!!

Me & B-Maw

Me & Paw

A German meal at Altdorf's - yum!

Brothers having fun together

Me & my baby

The Girls

The kids old enough to order & eat by themselves!!!!

It was magical!

A Cousin Pinwheel missing Keysi & Brenden!

On Sunday morning, we worshipped together at High Mesa Cowboy Church in Brownwood

Blu hanging out by the smoker (I will so miss the amazing smoked turkey we have had on furlough!)

Hanging with my sister-in-law

And finishing the puzzle...stayed up until 1:30am to do it..

A random sit and reach competition... (Paw won!)

On Sunday night, we loaded up in the back of Paw's trailer and went caroling in the neighborhood and had a campfire!

Monday night, it was time for presents! But first, our traditional Bible reading and candle lighting!

A nail driller thingy for Blu!

And a Fat Max of course!

B-Maw loved her Pioneer Woman butter dish - she makes great faces!

Caedmon loved his new football!

Cason finally has his own BB gun thanks to Uncle Shade & Aunt Caity!

Paw got a grill thingy!

B-Maw gave us huge poster prints of some amazing shots she took of our kids this Fall - can't wait to see them on my walls in Zambia! It was a great Christmas celebration with the Tidwell side of the family!

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