Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Book Review

My oh my how I have been dreading this post!! I haven't read as MANY books this year, but goodness the quality....I have read some good ones! I have been dreading how to pick which was my favorite!! To help, I have added an extra category (I know, that's kinda cheating, but it's my blog!) ;)

Best Non Fiction Book of 2015

This one was so close!! I really loved Killing Lincoln by Bill O'Reilly and It Is About Islam by Glenn Beck, but I'm going to give the BEST Non Fiction award to this one. What to even say about this book. Read it.

Best Christian Fiction Book of 2015

Ted Dekker's The Circle Series absolutely blew me away. Ted Dekker is a Christian author known for his dark, scary novels. These books were different than others he has written - they were incredible. I have never read anything that showed so symbolically the love God has for us - his imagery in describing the relationship between God, his Son, Satan, and us as His creation and first love just blew my mind.

Best Secular Fiction Book of 2015

Oh so many....All the Light we Cannot See, The Dry Grass of August, Yellow Crocus, Orphan Train, The Plum Tree, Wreckage, The Nightingale, Rogue Lawyer - y'all I read some good stuff this year!! But alas, I must pick one. India, sex trafficking, amazing characters - it's got to be this one.

My Book in 2015

This year, so many people told me they somehow missed the release of the 3rd book in the Boy Named Boy series. Well, this year I spent time editing, revising, and combining the 3 books into one larger book divided into 3 parts. If you haven't read A Boy Named Boy, this is the one for you! Available on Amazon by clicking here!

So many others I would recommend - it's killing me! Happy Reading!

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