Tuesday, December 29, 2015

More from Rugrat Holler!

On Saturday, we took a quick day trip to Hutto, Texas to see some of Blu's extended family that we hadn't seen in 4 years!

Look at those bald heads - Uncle Eldridge, Paw, Cousin Ed, and Bluboy

B-Maw and Aunt Paula cooked a great lunch!

Cousins - Ed, Blu, Dawn, & Becky

Paw & Caedmon

Blu recorded hours and hours of telling stories about the past!

Hanging out!

Back at Rugrat Holler - lots and lots of 42..

And playing the hammocks!

A lunch date with Jordan

Mama Dee's homemade rolls - she's ready for Africa!

One last trip down the street to Stinky Park!

Watching Tiny House Hunters together - Cambree is addicted!

A Casa Ole lunch date with my friend Lynn from high school!

One last visit to Whistle Stop Playground!

We were freezing!

Then we searched www.geocaching.com to see if we could find any treasures near us and spend the next 2 hours finding 7 different caches!

We found the nano! It was tiny!!

Running...who can get there first?!

Searching and searching!

Under the train - found it!

My nemesis... (the dog, Copenhagen, not my son!)

Getting my nails taken off to get ready to head back to the "bush" of Africa... :(

Cause I'm leaving....on a jet plane...but they'll be joining us in just a few months!!!! How blessed are we????!!!!!! :)

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