Monday, December 14, 2015

Catch Up

Here is a little "catch up" of what kept us busy last week and this weekend! 3 weeks from today we leave for Zambia!

Last Tuesday, Teacher Debbie came over to spend the night and hang out. I failed to get a pic of us together, but I did get a pic of Blu coming out of the pantry after he offered her some cereal... ;)

On Thursday after school, we drove to Stephenville to meet up with the Garrett family. Our kids love hanging out together, and we had some awesome barbecue at Hard Eight!

Pretty sure everyone else in the restaurant was wondering when our 2 families would leave... ;)

This Fall, Cason gets out of school earlier than the big two, so every day we have "Cason Time." We go to the dollar store, Big Lots, or our favorite - Doc's Drugstore for soda & fudge! My wallet will be glad when school is out! ;)

On Friday night, we headed over to Blu's parents for an evening of fun. Though my meal was a disaster, the guys kept us entertained with their "discussions" over the best way to cook macaroni & cheese!

Paw & I (and Blu) have been working on this puzzle since Thanksgiving - it's pretty much a nightmare, but we will prevail!

On Saturday, we drove 9 hours to Bentonville, Arkansas to share at GracePoint Church. We got to stay with Paul & Lorraine, who have both come to New Day, and got some great food! (steak, brussel sprouts, steel cut oats with quinoa...speaking my language!!)

Me & Lorraine (the queen of Zambian double-dutch)

Sunday was pretty much insane! I feel like I talked and talked and talked to about a million different people in 3 hours! It was great to see everyone from past teams and meet a few new ones and to see some random people show up!
When the Tschetters and Glanzers walked in from South Dakota, my first thought was, "What state am I in again???" :)

We ate lunch at Dickey's BBQ with Rob & Dawn and their family - both have been to New Day (Rob 3 times!) (Yes, there is a theme of bbq in my blog this furlough...I can't get enough!)

On the way home, we drove right by The Cheesecake Factory and had to stop! Fish tacos and white chocolate raspberry truffle cheesecake! God bless the USA! :)

Meanwhile, our kids were having a blast with both sets of grandparents! So grateful for how much they have helped us by keeping the kids!

Mama Dee & Grandpa took Caedmon shopping, because he has been saving his money to buy gifts for all of the New Day kids - he came back with 28 gifts he carefully picked out for each that boy's heart!

This week holds our annual board meeting, packing, finalizing, Christmas baking, 3 class parties at school, a Christmas Around the World I volunteered to bake for, Blu finishing up work with his dad, a supper with new friends, and the last day of school for the Tidwell kids!

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