Thursday, September 3, 2015

What We're Up To

Well I wish I had something really exciting to post about, but there's not much going on here! Here's what our family is up to:

Blu the Builder: During the days, Blu works for his dad out at their house on the lake. They build One-Act Play sets for schools all over the state of Texas, and Blu has been helping with this since 2000, so he can pretty much build pylons in his sleep. :) He loves the fellowship with his dad, and I love the extra spending money! He also spends his time working on New Day stuff - writing sermons/presentations (he hates doing the same thing twice so he changes it up for each weekend/speaking engagement) and researching solar/technological/etc stuff for the orphanage. He has also been eating a LOT of Chick-Fil-A!

Darbi the Dieter: Ok, I'm not really on a diet, but I did find out that 1 of my "gluten intolerance" tests came back positive, so I am on a mission to get my body (stomach!) on track after years of issues! I have switched to a gluten-free diet (not a huge deal - very similar to how I was eating before), am in the middle of an Advocare 24 day challenge (have never drank so much water in my LIFE), and am attending group fitness classes at the local fitness center. I am also doing New Day things such as finances, thank you notes, 2016 birthday calendar, etc.

Caedmon the Soccer Star: Caedmon is doing great in 5th grade at school. He has a very small class (4) and they combine with the 6th grade throughout the day for various things. He has 4 men who rotate as his teachers, which he loves. He has been reading some of Jerry Jenkins' books for kids and is loving those mysteries. He will start soccer practice tonight, and his team is coached by the Howard Payne head soccer coach! First game Sept 12th! He loves his Wednesday gymnastics class. His favorite thing to eat in America is corn dogs.

Cambree the Ballerina: Cambree is in 4th grade and loves the social aspect of school. She has lots of friends and likes to be the life of the party! She already has 38 Accelerated Reader points - her goal was 20 for the first 6 weeks of school! Her nose is always in a book. She loves Gymnastics as well and is SO excited to start ballet on Sept 14th! She has a big Christmas show on Dec 5th and that's all she is talking about! Her favorite part of America is fast internet for her ipad!

Cason the Football Stud: Cason is doing well in 2nd grade but doesn't like the fact that there is only 1 other boy in his class. He says all the boys in school are his "best friends." :) He is a handful for his teacher but knows how to worm his way into people's hearts. He is great at Gymnastics and will also play Flag Football with a local church league starting Sept 19th. We can't wait to watch him play!! His favorite part of America has been swimming!

We have a full weekend of travel ahead - traveling to Lipan to visit the Garrett family on Friday, heading to Amarillo to stay with Bob & Debra and speak at Coulter Road on Sunday, and then driving to Welch to visit the Phipps family on Sunday/Monday.

LOTS of time on the road to yell at each other enjoy each other's company!

And meanwhile...back at New Day...power outages have increased to 8 hours a day. The new schedule for New Day is as follows:

Mondays, Thursdays, Sundays: 10pm - 6am outage

Tuesdays, Fridays: 2pm - 10pm outage

Wednesdays, Saturdays: 6am - 2pm outage

Please remember the New Day family in your prayers! Though comfort (it's getting HOT) is of course a factor, the two MAJOR issues with power outages are keeping the food cold and having enough power to pump water from the well into the tanks. Please pray!

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