Sunday, September 27, 2015

Turner Falls for Blu's Birthday!

Blu is 34 today!!! We had his pre-birthday celebration on Saturday morning, and I will post pics of that when we get back home, but for today, we are on the road having our Family Fun Weekend for his birthday!! When I was young, our family went to Turner Falls, Oklahoma for vacation all the time. The last time we went was about 3 years before I met Blu, so he has always complained that he doesn't know anything about the Winsman family vacation spot! Whenever I suggest a vacation, he says, "Turner Falls!!" So this year, when I realized that we had a free Sunday and our kids are out of school on Monday, I asked if he wanted to go experience Turner Falls for the first time! The answer was a resounding yes, so our Family Fun Weekend was born!

First, we watched Cason play flag football (tied) and watched Caedmon play soccer (lost 10-0!!) before heading to our hotel in Denton. Between games, we grabbed some ice cream!

On the way, we stopped at Cabela's and had loads of fun! Blu used his birthday money from Grandpa & Mama Dee to buy a gun safe and a waistband holster!

The kids loved the fish!

After a supper at Chick-Fil-A (of course..) and a night at our Denton motel, we drove about 90 miles up to Turner Falls! We spent the day swimming, hiking, and being together!

The birthday boy climbing the rope up into a huge cave!

Caedmon & Cason enjoying building their own dam at The Blue Hole

The boys hiked for awhile with Blu while us girls got some sun!

Love this picture - Blu got Cambree mid-fall!

My sweet girl tired at the end of our day!

Fearless Cason led us on our hike!

Awesome cave! (with lots of spiders!)

Blu & Cason enjoying the ice cold water!

So weird to think I played at these same Falls as a kid and now my kids are here!

Heading out on our hike!

Ha! She had no idea!

Whew! It's hot!

Taking a break!

I was so excited and made everyone get out to take a picture!

Inside the cave

Awww.... :)

We ended Blu's birthday at Applebee's - our favorite American restaurant! It was a great day, and we are exhausted! More fun coming tomorrow!

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