Monday, September 28, 2015

Family Fun Weekend! September 26-28, 2015

We had such an amazing "Family Fun Weekend" this past weekend! First of all, we got all dressed up on Friday night to go and see Aunt Caity star in The Lyric Theater's Steel Magnolias production!

The kids loved picking out flowers for Aunt Caity!

Eating at Buffalo Wild Wings

Here we are at the play! It was so surreal going to see this at The Lyric, where my grandma used to go and watch movies as a teenager in the 1940s! (The kids loved it! Cason asked after the first act, "Can we skip it back???")

On Saturday morning, we got up and had Blu's birthday celebration! He loved his red velvet cupcake! :)

Presents to open!

Caedmon made him a card and got him some candy!

Cambree wrote the FUNNIEST song for him! (Happy Birthday Daddy...I suddenly feel like a hamburger patty...etc!)

Cason, all on his own, decided he wanted to buy Blu some new deodorant - I swear we smelled every single men's deodorant in Walmart until he found one that smelled like Daddy!

Money from Grandpa & Mama Dee!

A Greg Maddux shirt from me ;)

And Superman!

I already posted about our trip to Turner Falls, OK for his actual birthday, so now I'll share what we did today! The kids had a day off of school (teacher inservice), so we headed to Adventure Landing in Dallas for a morning of fun! We were pretty much the only ones there for 3 hours, and they have unlimited specials on weekdays!

Cambree loved the arcade, where she hit the jackpot on tickets!

First time to do batting cages!

Bumper boats!

Go-Kart fun!

Cason leading the pack...shocker...

We played 5 games of laser tag!! I should totally be in this picture since I was the family laser tag champion!! I LOVE laser tag!! Blu says I must have pent-up aggression, and he's never playing paint ball with me. ;)

3 hour drive home after a weekend of fun - exhausted! :)

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