Thursday, September 17, 2015

Evening with a Legend..

When I was 17, I met Blu Tidwell. And Blu Tidwell loved the Atlanta Braves, specifically Greg Maddux. Therefore, I did what any smitten girl would do - I rushed home and began watching TBS non-stop. It wasn't much of a sacrifice...I mean, let's face it..Greg Maddux is easy on the eyes. ;)

When we got married, we traveled to Arlington and Houston whenever the Braves were playing. Once, we watched batting practice, and I made a huge sign that said, "Smile at me, Maddux!" When he walked in front of us, Smoltz nudged him and pointed to me and Greg (those of us who have met him call him Greg..) nodded at me and smiled. :) I wanted to name our first son Maddux, but Blu said no. :) He did let me hang Greg Maddux posters in Caedmon's room, though!
When our pastor from Alvarado found out that the Rangers were hosting "An Evening with a Legend" with Greg Maddux, he called us immediately, and it took us about 45 seconds to decide to buy the tickets!

Driving to the game! (3 hours well worth it!)

Standing in line...there were about 50 of us there.

Drinks and snacks in the clubhouse watching batting practice

There he is! There he is! We each got a photo with him which he signed and will be mailed to us. (I shook his hand..twice..)

I loved the Q&A session with him - learned lots of interesting stuff about his pitching career!

Look! We even ate together! (sorta) The steak was SOOO good!

After the dinner, we got amazing seats to the game!

Icing on the cake was that there was no one sitting next to us, so our good friends Bro. Wade and Laura joined us, and we talked throughout the whole game!

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