Monday, September 21, 2015

What a week!!!

Homecoming Week took over our lives last week...and it was a blast. :) Here is a look at the craziness in the Tidwell house!

A recap of Spirit Week!

Pajama Day!

Tacky Tourist Tuesday!

Wannabe Wednesday!

Throwback Thursday!

Spirit Day! (Cambree won "Best Elementary Costume" for this day! - Gotta love those pigtail buns!)

Then it was time for the big game on Friday - starting with the Pep Rally! Dads Shade & Blu ready to watch their little girls cheer!

Cambree on top!

Then we headed to the Friday night football game! The mini-cheer girls got to cheer during the 1st quarter. That's Cambree & Andie with megaphones on their heads... (Tidwell genes) ;)

She was pretty much a natural!

Fans in the stands!

One of Cambree's closest friends, Lindsey

After the first quarter, Cambree had to change to get ready to be the elementary girl "Homecoming Page" at half-time! Cambree & her cousin Andie hanging out.

Cambree & Daddy ready to head onto the field!

She LOVED getting a sash and a rose!

Cambree with the boy page, Brian, and her daddy escort.

Whew! Friday night is over! On to Saturday, where Cason had his first flag football game in 400 degree weather!!

Blu giving him some tips during halftime!

Caedmon & Andie watching (& sweating!)

Cambree & AJ enjoyed the view from the van!

There he goes!

We were all screaming, "Run!!!!"

Pretty sure I was thinking, "Is it over yet??"

From there, we headed to the Brownwood Reunion carnival! Ready for the ferris wheel!

The girls rode the carousel over and over again!

Caedmon didn't feel so well after a few rides, so we sat and watched with Paw!

Cason, meanwhile, rode EVERYTHING he could...he & AJ were both not tall enough to ride this...but they rode it anyway ;)

He was the only one brave enough to ride the big swings!

So much fun!!!

Until this happened....

My face...I had to laugh so I didn't throw up myself...

Caedmon said, "Can we please leave??"

And from there, it was on to Alvarado for the night to visit some friends and attend our home church!

BB & Joneenana are all grown up and in college but came down for the afternoon Sunday to hang out with us!

A Taylor family hug!

We also got to hang out with "Mrs. Telly"!

Fun in the pool!

Caedmon & Wyatt loved their time together - they have been buddies since they were 6 months old!

How many mini blizzards can we eat on furlough?? ;)

And that was our very crazy 7 days last week! This week should be calmer - we have a lunch date with friends on Tuesday, speaking 4 hours away on Wednesday night, and then Blu's big birthday weekend!

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