Sunday, November 9, 2014

Weekend in Lusaka!

We had planned a weekend in Lusaka for the past 2 months to attend Michelle's wedding! Unfortunately, we found out 2 days before we left that the wedding was postponed due to the mourning time of Zambian's President. We had already cancelled school, hired substitute house mothers, and our staff was VERY excited to use their Christmas bonuses to make purchases for their house, so we went ahead with our trip as planned!

First stop: KFC!

The kids were given birthday money by Mrs. Di-nee-na-na in Alvarado, and Caedmon used almost all of his to buy gifts for his New Day friends :) And a 2 liter grape soda for himself!

I took this sweetheart to get a pedicure with us ladies - my "mini-me" :)

Cambree bought some strange things with her birthday money...lollipops and chips for her friend Laurie, yarn, and for herself.....2 bottles of roll-on deodorant!! ;)

Cason used his money to buy this military playset!

Ready for a day on the town! (in her new sunglasses..)

Me & Nurse Mandy enjoying KFC!

A toffee peanut butter milkshake :)

A hug for Teacher Diana, who leaves for her furlough on Wednesday!

Paying for their purchases :)

After supper, the kids entertained themselves by watching the elevator go up and down.. :)

We went to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - what a great movie!

Ah this meal.....Zanzibar kingclip...I do love me some fish!!

Laurie rode with us on the bus there and back!

Black forest cake and a coconut mocha.... We basically go to Lusaka to eat :)

And drink non-alcoholic beverages like Malawi shandys!

We were exhausted after a day of shopping - time to go back to New Day! :)

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