Sunday, November 23, 2014

Cason's Party and Other Excitement!

Tomorrow is Cason's birthday, but today we had his birthday party! Here's a look at his past five birthday parties!

1st - Curious George party - Bangs, Texas

2nd - Construction party - Choma, Zambia

3rd - Truck party - Brownwood, Texas

4th - Batman party - New Day, Zambia

5th - Power Rangers party - Brownwood, Texas

6th - Power Rangers party...again... - New Day, Zambia

He forgot about blowing the candles out and just sat there for a minute until we all finally yelled, "Blow!!"

A jumbo Spiderman coloring book from Papa Wes & Mama Lala!

That's a lot of Power Rangers..

He also loved his new puzzle..and made a LOT of silly faces throughout the party!

My little angels ;)

How old are you now? 6!!

A GREAT day for water pouring!!

Teacher Hildah wanted to play in the mud, but Cason wasn't interested!!

He dressed himself for church this morning :)

Every day, he comes home from school and strips down and does his homework in his undies!

I pulled his front tooth this morning!!

Cason & Mama Joyce

Cambree's yield from her garden!

Carolyn & Debbie hanging out in the New Day kitchen last week during Family Dinner night

Niki frying up some bacon!

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