Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Summer time!

It is 92 in my house as I type this....miserably hot!! We have had one good rain and are ready for lots more that will cool things off - it's definitely summer time in Zambia!

Kids Club last Saturday - Cambree hauling around Baby Staci

The New Day girls being silly!

The playground gets LOTS of use on Saturdays!

Our staff got their bonuses early this year - they were so excited and wept with gratitude! They are going to Lusaka this weekend to buy things for their new staff house!

A candlelit dinner for one...Zesco was out and Blu was gone! :(

Time for a garden update - Caedmon has this thing growing in the middle of his...we didn't plant it but it looks like squash!!

Cambree's green beans are almost ready to pick!!

Cason's lettuce is ready for supper!


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