Thursday, November 20, 2014

Getting busy!!

I haven't blogged much lately - we are in our last full week of school for the year!! School lets out next Wednesday (why YES we do close school for an American holiday like Thanksgiving!!), so everyone is in the test-taking, grade-recording, classroom-cleaning mode! I am super proud that I have taught my children 4th grade Language Arts, 4th grade Math, and 3rd grade Language Arts for a complete year, and everyone survived!! Along with school closing, we have a lot of fun activities coming up at New Day:

Movie Night tonight! (Our last in a series of 3 monthly movie nights)

Thanksgiving Feast (New Day Staff will attend with us to get a taste of traditional American Thanksgiving foods!)

Sunday Night Football Fellowship

Formal Staff Christmas Party

Trip to Lusaka for Christmas Shopping

Kids Christmas VBS/Christmas activities

Kids Club Christmas Project!!

6 birthdays in December, plus one wedding!!

Getting staff house finished and the staff moved in

Completion of the "library project" (leveling ALL of the books for Guided Reading)

Christmas Party with New Day Kids

New Year's Eve Bash!

I'm sure your holiday season will be as busy as ours - you will just do it in the cold, while we do it in 90 degree weather :)
And, before all of that, we are gearing up to celebrate this little guy's 6th birthday this weekend!

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