Sunday, November 23, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday Cason!

Cason Mark Tidwell is 6 years old today! This boy is a bundle of energy, joy, laughter, dirt, and FUN wherever he goes! He is carefree, easygoing, and the silliest child I have ever met! He makes me smile every single day. We love you Cason!

We got up early and opened gifts before school - he loved his dry erase set and lollipops from the Kimbroughs and was so excited to take the suckers to school to share with his friends!

Mama Dee's famous card :)

She had a challenge as last year she had to make a Power Rangers card too - I promise this is your last Power Ranger card, Mom!

A backpack, stuffed Power Ranger, and puzzle from Mama Dee & Grandpa!

A special "Cason" book from Paw & B-Maw!

I love their faces - this was something he REALLY wanted in South Africa that we didn't buy...or he THOUGHT we didn't buy it! :)

Power Rangers for the Wii!

Cason chose pancakes for breakfast, cereal for lunch, and "handburgers" for supper! He has school today, but we will have a fun family night together of burgers, trampoline time, and his pick of a movie! :) Happy Birthday to my baby!!

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