Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Thursday - Lots Happening!!

It is a little bit crazy around here!! (Do I say that a lot?? It is!!) We have a volunteer team from FBC Cleveland here, plus our 5 summer interns! We are doing teacher's workshops, kids' activities, Bible studies in the new village, and of course, lots of painting!! Just a reminder to check out Billie Anne's & Grace's blogs at: and!

Wow - that's a lot of oatmeal!! Thank you team!!

Samuel is a summer intern from Texas - this is his second trip to New Day, and he will be shadowing Blu & Wes for the next month!

Teacher Allison is back for her 3rd summer at New Day!! The kids were so excited to see her, and we are excited for her to reassess their reading levels that she & Christin did last year!

Ashley from Tennessee is another summer intern - she has been doing a little of everything but I don't think she enjoyed the painting much ;) Cambree loves Ashley and said "Mama isn't Ashley just SOOO pretty???" :)

Funny Axer!

Cambree & Billie Anne

Cambree in her favorite skirt that she wears almost daily..

Me & Hildah - it was COLD at church this day!! Hildah is known for her VERY high heels, and right before she stood up to interpret she made me switch shoes with her because hers were too uncomfortable to walk around interpreting in! I hobbled around in her very high red heels before she finally gave me my shoes back!!

Ginger from Cleveland got to teach Bible to the Pre-K class today!

I might have posted this, but this is Grace & Billie Anne - love these two!!

Grace's Saturday morning writing class

Joyce & Keri taught the Kindergarten Bible class and got an introduction to the fun that is Cason :)

Lane & LaRue painting the final room in The Ark!

A cute pic of Laurie & Hildah

Sweet Machila

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