Monday, June 2, 2014

Happy 9th Birthday to Caedmon!!!!

It's hard to believe that our oldest child is already 9 years old!!! Caedmon was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, at 9:35am on June 2nd, 2005! We stayed in South Africa for about 3 weeks, waiting for his passport, and then we headed back to Zambia, back to our hut in Chitongo! I remember it being SO COLD (this is our winter) and bundling him up as he slept in his little crib Blu made him out of sticks he went into the bush and cut down! People loved to come and see "the white baby" and we had lots of fun with him there! We then headed back to the USA when he was 3 months old, and spent time in Alvarado, TX until he was 4 years old. It was then that we moved to Zambia, and he has spent his last 5 birthdays back here! He says he is the luckiest of the 3 Tidwell kids because he gets to spend ALL of his birthdays in Zambia with his friends (the others have Fall birthdays and we are on furlough every other year!) We are so proud of the sweet boy he is, his desire to spend time in the Word, and his sensitive heart! :)

For Art class today, the kids had a special soccer themed art project for his birthday!

He was in desperate need of a new Bible and loved the 2 he got from Paw & B-Maw!

They also made him his own book on Shutterfly! He said "Wow, this is a GOOD picture of me!!" ;)

A bow & arrow from me & Blu!

The boy loves his breakfast food - for breakfast today he chose French Toast, for lunch was cereal, and supper will be waffles!

Grace took care of the Art class!

You can tell by his face he really liked this "mens'" hair gel from Mama Dee & Grandpa!

He couldn't wait to open his special "Mama Dee" card!

Mama Dee & Grandpa also got him a new soccer ball and soccer socks!

Party time!

Caedmon is SO shy but he did stand on his chair and dance for about 7 seconds!

And the water pouring...thankful it was a warm afternoon!!

Look at that stash! The presents were all open before 6am...

His two best friends - Muchoni & Misheck

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