Thursday, June 5, 2014

Just some fun!

Here are some just for fun pics!

Billie Anne & Cambree enjoying some fried chicken on the bus!

Caedmon practicing his skills with his new bow and arrow!

Now that's a fancy target - a pile of grass and CandyLand instructions!!


She's kinda pretty, huh?? :)

The older boys have been over for the past 4 days working on their tree house beside our house! Making memories!

I don't have any pics of Cason, but I do have a Cason story! If you know Cason, you know he is a little bit...wild. As I was tucking him in the other night, he was acting CRAZY. I told him, "Cason, do you know what you lack? You lack self-control!" He promptly stretched his fist out and stopped just as he touched my nose. "See, Mama? I could have punched you in your nose but I stopped. I do have self-control." (in his best Zambian accent...) Oh, that boy!

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