Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dancing to Church

Church at New Day starts at 9am, but people wander in anywhere from 9:30 to 10:30 or 11. We start with singing some praise songs, then we go to Sunday School (kids leave) for a lesson, then we sing a few hymns in Tonga, do announcements, greet the visitors, have testimony/sharing time (kids share what they learned and adults give a special song or share a testimony). Then take up the offering (in a Christmas stocking!), sing a praise song or two, and have preaching. One of the ladies who is there most Sundays is named Mary. She is in her late 50's and walks about a mile to come to church. It had been pouring last week and there was so much mud! We didn't expect a large crowd, as most people were using the time after the rains to plow their fields. We were in the middle of a praise song "Leza Ngo Mubotu" (God, He is Good), a song that involves you spinning around and then doing a high five with someone. As I spun around in the middle of the song, I saw Mary walking from the New Day gate, on her way to church. As she heard the music, she broke into a huge grin, and she danced and spun the rest of the way to church. I was so convicted as I watched her, laughing. How many times do I just "show up" to church, with no sense of expectation, and no joy in my heart? Yet here is this Zambian woman, who just walked a mile, dancing her way into the church, ready to worship God. I pray I will be more like Mary on Sunday mornings, and I pray that you will too! :)

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