Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Last Pics from USA!

Here is what we were up to our last days in the USA!

A gingerbread house - our kids were WIRED this day..

My two cousins, Kaysi & Tommy, came up for a visit! Kaysi is working on her master's in international business in Switzerland and is engaged, and Tommy is engaged and about to finish up his business degree! So proud of them!

That night, my great-aunt and great-uncle came for a visit! Uncle Don & Aunt Jennifer are retired and traveling the USA in their huge RV!

Just a last selfie :)

Poor Caed started our furlough with surgery on his toe, and he ended it with a fall down a hill on his scooter!

Some last reading time with Mama Dee!

Mom sewed a million things for me these past few months! Cason even got a hole in his sock and said "Mama Dee can you sew this for me??" Here she is sewing my ripped suitcase!

My amazing parents made a last trip to our mission house to help me detail clean! Dad is the window man!

Mom was super focused on getting that rug clean! :)

We ended our time with my parents with a Chinese lunch, gourmet coffee & brownie, and a search for where my Grandma lived in 1940 when she was 14 years old. We found it!
We spent New Year's Eve with Blu's family - a party at Shade & Caity's house! Here is the cake Blu brought :)

What an awesome game! Gig 'em!

Paw wanted to try some of the kids' applesauce, which I found funny for some reason :)

The Walking Dead...

Some last snuggles with my A.J. :) He will be FIVE next time I see him!!!!

Cambree got a good pic of B-Maw :)

And that's it...24 bags ready to go!

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