Monday, January 13, 2014

Bikes, Rain, and Back to School!

We had to get in all the fun we could these last few days before school started! Many of you always ask about the weather in Zambia. It has been HOT, but most days the clouds roll in around 4pm and cool things off! We've had some big downpours as well!

We raised money for bikes for the kids back in 2012 and they finally arrived! Sisi was FLYING on hers!

Niki had fun riding too!

Giving Kefbert a boost, trying desperately to make him understand to hold his legs out!

Kelitah zoomed past me!

Glory needed some help from Uncle Blu!

Cynthia is a little more cautious!

Christina with her crazy hair. This girl can ALWAYS put a smile on my face! :)

Cason being...Cason

Cason was SO proud that he learned to ride without training wheels - can you see how far that chest is sticking out??

Axer gets some help from Kelsey

Where are the boys, you may ask?? Inside watching Spiderman, of course!

Ms. Carolyn's church had a pajama party and donated pj's for each of the kids - awesome!

We had our weekly "American fellowship" last night, and it started pouring about 10 minutes before. We cannot be deterred from good food and games, though! I snapped a pic of Diana and Carolyn carefully wading over!

The kids had us ALL pile into the boys' room for a special presentation - it was pretty wild!

We enjoyed our own game of Baptist Poker!

The guest house - ready for the roof!

The Cooks' house - almost done!

Today was the first day of school! I am teaching 3 subjects, so I was all ready to go too!

Caed started 4th, Cambree is doing 2nd, but 3rd grade Language Arts, and Cason is in Kindergarten!

They begged to do a silly pic..

Caedmon & Machila got right to work in 4th grade Language Arts with me! (I'm subbing for Laurie in this class until she returns!

Cambree saying "I hate handwriting!!!!"

Kelitah & Laurie heading to Art Class

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