Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Just a 'dreamin!

It is a well-known fact amongst my family & friends that I dream...a lot. Very crazy, bizarre dreams, which sometimes lead to interesting things happening in our house in the middle of the night...

So the other night I was laying on my back, with my mouth wide open, and I was dreaming that I was running and then doing a GIANT leap over a big pile of laundry. In my dream I made the most awesome, guttural, superhero sounding noise ever as I made the jump. It sounded kinda like "WAHHHHHHHHHHH" in a deep voice. It was a good jump.

Little did I know that in bed, the sound that woke Blu up from a dead sleep sounded more like a dying giraffe..."Har-HEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" He jumped, took note of my peculiar position, and kicked me to wake me up and then headed to the bathroom.

Meanwhile I woke up and thought, "Weird..why is my mouth wide open?" I slowly sat up in bed and decided I needed to go the bathroom. But I realized Blu was in there, and I didn't want to scare him so I would sit there and wait until he came out.

Meanwhile, again, Blu was in the bathroom thinking. He was thinking about how Shade had recently told him that when people die, it is not pretty. Blu thought about the awful sound I had made and my weird posture and mouth wide open and decided I had just died. So he slowly opens the bathroom door and peeks out. I am in bed, watching the door, and say "WHAT are you doing??!!!" He's like, "What are YOU doing?!!" We laughed for like 30 minutes - tears streaming down our faces. :)

Then last night I dreamt about a traditional African ceremony and the brutal murder of Curious George the Monkey to serve as food for the ceremony... It's fun being me! :)

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