Thursday, January 9, 2014

Back at New Day!

One week ago, we headed for DFW Airport to board 3 flights to Zambia!

First stop - donut shop in Brownwood!

This was probably the worst trip, in my opinion! Our kids are getting older, so that makes it easier, but adding the one extra flight and just the layovers..blah! That's why we only do it every 2 years, so we can forget how awful it is! Here is Caedmon in the Johannesburg, South Africa airport. This is where he was born, so he proudly shows off "his" flag! :)

This is your first glimpse of our intern this Spring, Jenna from Nebraska! Her background is in music and theater so she will be teaching music classes and writing an Easter play for our kids to do!

At this point (one flight to go) our kids were SOOOO wired and my patience was SOOOO gone!

Finally, Saturday afternoon on the bus headed to New Day!

Whew! The water had gone down enough for us to cross!

But right before we made the final turn to New Day, we came upon this "puddle!" Blu had to check and see if we could cross - welcome home!

Sunday and Monday were a fog of unpacking and sorting 25 bags and cleaning my house! But on Tuesday I was able to get the curriculum delivered to the teachers!

Jenna's classroom will be the library, so we worked together to get it ready and organized!

Meanwhile, Niki & Kelsey Cook help with lunch in the dining hall since Kalenga is on vacation!

My sweet friend Prisca, who is severely hunchbacked, came to visit. New Day has the privilege of sending Prisca to school - she starts Grade 11 next week!

Time for prayer & praise! Cambree & Laurie, best friends reunited!

Ben & Phillip being silly

Kefi, still as cute as can be :)

Kelsey gets some love from Axer

Mweene, off in a corner by himself. :) I made him come and sit by me!

Jenna and some of the girls work on Cambree's hair :)

We are slowly getting over jet lag, and Blu has already made 2 trips into Choma! Back at it, full swing! Laurie left today to join Wes in the USA, but they will return in a few weeks and then New Day will be fully staffed for awhile! School starts on Monday, and I am teaching 3 subjects, so things will be a little busy for awhile! Thanks for your prayers!

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