Saturday, July 23, 2016

Our Week

Our week was action-packed! Here's a glimpse of all that went on!

Monday was a quick trip to Choma to check on Mom & Dad's work visas! A trip to the post office also meant this awesome surprise for me!

Mom & Dad walking in Choma

Someone got a hold of my phone during Math class...

Hanging with Dad during Recess

See the stress on my face?? Caedmon made a genetics cross word puzzle for us adults to do - I got 3 out of 12!

Saturday = Cleaning Day at the Tidwell house! Thanks to Mama Dee for mopping!

Friday night is pizza night! Made this crust without my Kitchen Aid mixer as Blu is still working on it..

And then Saturday morning, my former house cleaner and nanny in Choma, Grenda, showed up after hopping on a bus with 2 baby rabbits to give us!!

Meet George & Snowball, who are now living in Cason't toy box...

The team men have been hard at work installing new kitchen cabinets, building the prosthetic clinic's roof trusses, and building the ceiling for Palace #2, while the women have been busy getting things ready for the New Day Garage Sale!

That night I went to take a bath and found this.....

Wednesdays are shopping trips to Choma for the New Day groceries - unloading is always fun with lots of helpers!

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Wife, Mom, and Nana said...

My favorite SPARK...let me know what you like & I will send an ADVOCARE care pkg. We luv your family...both American & Zambian. Debbi Bartlett