Sunday, July 17, 2016

Happy July (and one August!) Birthdays!

This past Friday, we had our July Birthday celebration! Unfortunately, Aunt Staci couldn't be with us, so we'll have a post-birthday celebration for her in September! We also snuck in our lone August birthday, Mama Lala, since she won't be here on August 1st!

Christina turned 8 on July 9th! She wanted a "flower cake!" :)

Our little Emmanuel turned 5 on July 14th and had Batman cupcakes!

Mama Lala will celebrate on August 1st but she'll be in Livingstone, as she & Papa Wes fly to the USA on August 2nd! She had a cappuccino mug cake!

Machila turns 12 today, July 17th, and she wanted a Spidergirl cake!

She REALLY loved her new study Bible and leopard Bible cover!

Terry the Terror (ha! Just kidding!) turned 5 on July 4th and had Ninja Turtle cupcakes!
Mama Zelly turned 59 on July 10th and had a VERY chocolate cake!

Time for the water pouring!

Can't catch Christina!

Emmanuel wasn't interested...

Who is this masked figure?!

Uncle Blu caught Machila!

Poor Mama Zelly just stood there and took it like a champ!

We are enjoying a nice Sunday afternoon here as we relax and do some cooking for our American/Danish Fellowship tonight! Hope your Sunday is fabulous!

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