Saturday, February 9, 2013


It's been raining, and pouring!! The river was waist high this morning and rising! Praying we can get out with Mom & Dad tomorrow!
Mom went back to her roots and milked Martha! :)
Mom & Kefi :)
Boy at Kids Club
Carol & Jacquline listening intently to the lesson at Kids Club
I have been specifically praying for the salvation of this boy, Geoffrey. Would you pray for him too?
Dad gets some love from Christina
Our beautiful Cynthia
Another Cynthia - love that hair!
This is Collin - he's so sweet!
Cason loves rubbing ears, and Joseph is usually willing to oblige :)
Dad did a "photo shoot" of Carolyn in her house to take back and show their church. Here she is in her Texas room!
Cambree & Kelitah do a hand clapping game while I take braids out of Kelitah's hair
Caedmon & Purity jumping high at Kids Club!

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