Friday, February 15, 2013

A Calm, Quiet, Peaceful Evening at New Day...

Starting at 7:00pm *Blu took Cambree down for her sleepover with Debbie and the other New Day Girls *Blu returns with Tidwell boys and we pop popcorn and watch about 30 minutes of Air Buddies *Mulenga calls to tell Blu he has a visitor...a man from Livingstone who came to sell insurance (at 8pm) that we had met a couple of times at the Choma church *1 hour later, Blu is still gone, Darbi puts the boys in bed *10 minutes later, Blu returns, gets some money, says "I'll be right back" and leaves in the truck *Mom skypes Darbi to tell her a meteor or something is going to fly by Earth and we might can see it from Zambia *Debbie calls to say Cambree just threw up at the sleepover *Darbi calls Blu and asks him to go get Cambree (Blu is in Mapanza town at a school - ???) *Darbi goes outside, and finding the light on in Diana's room, taps on her window, scaring her... *Darbi & Diana watch the skies and chat for awhile *Blu calls to say he is completely stuck inthe mud close to the small bridge *Mulenga leaves on foot (1 mile) to try to help Blu *Cambree is stuck at Debbie's *Still no meteor *10:30pm - still no sign of Blu

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