Wednesday, February 20, 2013

God knew....

Today, our last 2 girls (for now!) arrived at New Day! We are now a maxed out orphanage with 16 orphans, 8 boys and 8 girls! Glory & Precious are sisters, ages 5 & 4. (Glory will be 6 next week). Their story is a sad one. Their mother lost her mind last year, and at this point their father abandoned the family. After moving from place to place, the mother's family was finally able to have the courts declare her unfit, and the girls were transferred into New Day custody by the courts today. Both girls speak a little English, and we are excited to see how fast they transition into the New Day family! What amazes me is that we have conducted 4-5 orphan visits in the last 5 months. Every single one of them has fallen through for some reason or another. Our most recent potential child we planned to go and visit last week. The rain came down, the bridges flooded, and we couldn't get out for 3 days. When we notified the family that we could come for the visit, they told us the child had been placed in another orphanage. God knew! He knew that if we had taken her, we would not have had a place for both Glory and Precious. He knew the names of Sibasiso, Muchoni, Misheck, Ben, Francis, Kelitah, Axer, Cynthia, Phillip, Christina, Joseph, Gertrude, Mweene, Kefbert, Glory, and Precious. When they were born, He knew that someday they would be ours. We are blessed to play a small role in His plan!
PRECIOUS - 4 years old

GLORY - 5 years old

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