Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mom & Dad at New Day - Week One

It's been a week since we've blogged - we've been busy here at New Day!! Here is a glimpse of Mom & Dad's first week with us here! Teacher Abby in her handwriting class
Axer learning to hula hoop at Kids Club
Blu teaches music class every Wednesday in the library
Mom & Dad brought all of the New Day boys their own train whistle...the house mothers love them :)
Nasty bug we found on the porch!
Caedmon & Machila with Teacher Carolyn
Caedmon during the Thursday soccer game - is necessary for me to post three pics of him playing soccer :)
Caedmon's harvest of maize - he was SO proud :)
Cambree does the hula at Kids Club
Cason enjoyed the soccer game..for 3 minutes :)
Dad & Caedmon enjoy some Go-Fish
Dad & Kefi - I have to post a million pictures of Kefi because he's SO cute :)
Dad with Martha the Milk Cow - he got to milk a cow for the first time in his life this week!
Mulenga & Kalenga with "Papa Ron"
Dad has also enjoyed spending some time in the Preschool Stars class helping Teacher Diana with her 8 kids!
Me & Kefi :)
Teacher Diana
Gertrude & Christina
Gifts from Grandpa & Mama Dee! Love Cambree striking a pose here :)
The girls loved the dry erase boards Mom & Dad brought for them
Teacher Hildah & Ben
Joseph working on his hula hoopin' skills
The other kids love having Kefi as a "baby brother"
See - I told you he was cute!!!
A fun game of kickball - Darbi & Cambree in action!
Pretty girl at Kids Club
Look at the height of that jump! (And look at that fierce storm coming!!)
All of a sudden, the rain came down...and HAIL came with it!!
Library time - Cambree enjoying a Junie B. Jones book
Mom reading a book during library time
Margaret showing off her gifts from John (eyeball maker) and his family
Misheck practicing his handwriting
Mama Dee & Axer
We enjoyed a lunch with the Beckett family, farmers who live near us. It was a very refined, cultural experience, and we LOVED touring their land!
Me & Mom enjoying the soccer game
Mulenga always!
A rare smile from our serious Mweene!
We are headed to a Superbowl party today - can't wait to see who won! :)

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