Friday, August 5, 2016

"Summer" Days are Coming to an End!

As the American summer is coming to an end, our summer (school's out!) is just now starting! However, in a way, it does feel like our summer months are coming to an end - the end of our busy volunteer season! We still have one team per month in August - December, but the business of May - July are now done!

A fun family game night - teaching Mom & Dad iPhone Charades!

We always enjoy our teams, and we loved that Macey helped out by covering Teacher Hildah's classes at the school for a few days!

The New Day kids love teenagers!

When our team from Missouri left, Blu & I both went to Livingstone so we could take Wes & Laurie to the airport. Love (hate) those long bus trips!

We had goodbye cappuccinos with Wes & Laurie overlooking the Zambezi River! They will be gone until January 4th.

While the team went on a safari, we bought appliances for Mom & Dad!

And we randomly saw some elephants RIGHT outside the tiny little fence outside our hotel!

We got back from Livingstone, did laundry and packed, and turned around to head to Lusaka for 5 days to spend time with my sister's family and exchange Mom & Da with them for a few weeks!

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