Sunday, August 21, 2016

Life Lately

Well, the main drawback of getting an iPhone back in June is that I am on the computer way less, which means I think about blogging way less! Sorry about that! Here is a look back at some goings on of the last 2 weeks!

Blu & I in Lusaka at a certain country's Embassy getting visas for our upcoming vacation! It was a 2 hour long wait... #35days

Blu being silly with Kefbert!

Caedmon and the "Big Boys" went to Blu's Monday Bible study and helped shuck maize

Cambree has been doing a lot of sewing during the school break!

And sleeping...she sleeps with her light on and an eye mask... ;0)

Cason has been doing a lot of TV his shark mask...

Blu took all 32 of the kids to the big pit nearby to play one afternoon...and somehow my son was the only one who came home like this...!!!

Working hard on the Prosthetic Clinic - almost done!

And....I got stung by a my eye...

So I spent the day in Choma buying groceries with Blu like this...

I have spent some time working with Blu on my parents' roof trusses!

Deb is always working hard, but not always wearing shoes!

A Sunday afternoon game of Settlers!

We had a little "moving party" to move Justin over to the Luumuno House! He liked the cake!

Everyone helped out by carrying his stuff over!

He thought it was so exciting!

He loves his big brother Muchoni!

He was like the "Chief", walking behind as his stuff was moved and the girls danced in front of him!

A little Kids Club chaos...

Mulenga has spent a lot of his time up on Mom & Dad's roof as well!

Lots of cooking from scratch, as usual - nachos!

Had to take a picture of this sign we saw in town...

Purity is here visiting Mama Liz - the 3 Musketeers are together again! :)

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